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The new MacBook Pro is here, and it brings renewed competition to our favorite overall laptop, the Dell XPS Apple has refreshed its.
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Dell wins this round for a snappy keyboard with a great feel. The glass-covered touchpad is decent, but no match for Apple's best-in-class pads. MacBooks are no longer the automatic battery champs, and in fact, on our current list of long-life laptops , the highest-ranking MacBook is at No.

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But against an XPS 13 with a more power-hungry Core i7 processor and a 4K display, the Air easily dominates in our streaming video playback test. That said, if you went with the non-touch HD-screen version of the XPS 13, it might be a different story. One of the biggest reasons we like inch laptops so much is portability. No one wants a four-pound laptop pulling on their shoulders all day, or even a three-pound one. Both of these are light, at 2. People or at least PC companies always talk about how thin their laptops are, but that's a fakeout. Once you get down to about 15mm at the thickest part of a laptop, it doesn't make that much of a difference, except for bragging rights.

Lighter trumps thinner every time. Bothstill have headphone jacks.

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The XPS 13 keeps getting better. Here's how it compares to the MacBook Pro

Laptops Apple MacBook Air vs. Dell XPS Is there a new inch laptop champ? By Dan Ackerman. But what about the Windows side of the fence? What was the best PC alternative to the Air? There is only one black-and-grey colour option with the Dell though, while the MacBook Pro comes in silver or space grey. As is usual for Apple and Dell machines, these two laptops come in plenty of configurations, so you can pick one to suit your needs and budget.

That means it's hard to compare specs directly. You can get a seriously powerful machine if you've got the money for it. As far as memory goes, RAM starts at 16GB and goes up to 32GB depending how much you want to spend and how powerful you want your computer to be. Like the Dell, the available performance starts off high and just goes up from there, though if money is tight the Dell configuration prices start significantly lower. Besides all that raw performance, there are a few other features to know about when it comes to comparing these two laptops against each other.

Both come with a few laptop staples — like a forward-facing webcam. The MacBook Pro has that distinctive Touch Bar, which may or may not come in handy depending on the applications you spend a lot of time in.

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The likes of Adobe and Apple itself support Touch Bar icons, but it hasn't been all that widely adopted yet. Neither of these laptops can fold into the 2-in-1 configuration that's popular nowadays. Unlike Apple's laptop, the Dell XPS 15 can be fitted with a touchscreen, but you need to specify this when you're ordering it.

Then there's the big one: Windows 10 vs macOS Mojave.

MacBook Pro 13 (2017) vs Dell XPS 13: Which powerhouse laptop is best?

Both are top-class operating systems, though obviously macOS is better for Apple apps and Windows is better for some serious gaming. It depends what programs you're going to be running and which OS you're already comfortable with. What the hell Apple? We also run Cinebench R20 in its single-threaded mode to try to gauge the speed of each core. Apple actually sells a core version of the Mac Pro still so this result would likely be somewhat applicable to putting the top-end Mac Pro against the XPS 13 2-in And, of course, were again left wondering just what the hell is going on with the Mac Pro as the tiny Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 comes in about 36 percent faster than the Mac in single-threaded performance.

Again, with both machines with the same Turbo Boost of 3. It takes about five minutes to run and the more CPU cores you have, the faster it typically runs. After several rounds of being pummeled by a tiny laptop, the results here are actually more in line with what expected to see from a 6-core professional grade computer with the Mac Pro scoring 78 percent higher in this particular test.

Intel integrated graphics. Well, yes. Should we test games?

Should I buy the Apple MacBook Air (2018) or Dell XPS 13 9380 (12222)?

No, not really. Our last comparison is something that also has to be done to make this more fair: Price. For that, we looked at the configurations of the laptops we tested and the Mac Pro. You can decide for yourself the winner, but on specs we think both laptops actually win, since they give you larger SSDs, the same or more RAM and, well, they come with a monitor and are self contained.