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To enable hidden files/folders in finder windows: Open Finder Open the Utilities folder Open a terminal window Copy and paste the.
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But sometimes you want to keep them always visible to make it easy to access. Here is how to do it. Drag the hidden Library folder icon from Finder to the sidebar. This is the fastest way and it will keep the folder accessible even if you relaunch your Finder.

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In some situations, you may already know the exact folder that you wish to view. You can follow the steps below to reach certain folders directly on your Mac:. Do you think the first method is too simple?

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Terminal, which is regarded as one of the most powerful app on Mac, can do anything you want to do since it owns the highest permission. Terminal can be found in spotlight very easily. If you want to switch them back to hidden status, you need to repeat the operation but remember to change the last word to false. You can also start the Terminal application from Launchpad. And then hit the Go button or press Enter key. Step 3 : Open Finder window, click on a different folder first. Then the hidden files will appear. Note: most of the default hidden files are named starting with a ". If you don't remember, or don't know the exact path where the secret files are, you can access them through Terminal:.

macos - Unable to show hidden files on Mac - Ask Different

Step 2 : Type in: defaults write com. Click Enter. Then type: killall Finder. Step 3 : Right-click on the Finder icon in the Dock, and choose "Hide".

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Step 4 : Click on Finder icon again to launch it. Locate the one you are looking for.

Select an application to refine your search:

TIP: After checking the secret files, if you want to hide them back again. If you once hid certain files in Terminal with the command containing "hidden", to unhide them is quite simple:. Step 1 : Open Terminal window and type in " chflags nohidden ".

How to show hidden files and folders in Finder on Mac

Don't forget a space after the last word. Next, it can marked as hidden in Terminal using the chflags command. Changing the Default Settings of macOS to Show All Files This method of making all files visible to users requires familiarity with the Terminal app, which is found in the Utilities folder in the Applications folder.

The hidden files and folders can now be opened, modified, and deleted. Rather than firing up the Terminal app and entering a command, this method uses a simple keyboard shortcut to make the hidden files appear.

How to Show Hidden Files on Mac OS X

Good candidates for finding hidden files include the HD root directory, the Computer view as seen in the screenshots in the previous section of this article , or in a user Home folder. Many of the hidden files are configuration files for apps or are critical components of macOS, so changing or removing the files can affect the way your Mac functions.

Well in my case, I have a search engine BING, downloaded itself in my mac safari, I was able to remove some Bing files, but stills in somewhere: Monitor Activity and as Search engine, I did not downloaded, I need to rid off Bing from Safari, how to find where it is hidden, if searching on Google, and going back Bing takes priority, so I have to close, type Google, in order to search. How to remove it from Safari? How to know which is real Apple app, or not?