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Instead, seek out rosy hues and toffee nudes.

What Color Lipstick Should You Wear

If you prefer something more pigmented, try a pink-red or red-based coral. Raspberry can also work well for cool complexions, as does mocha. If you have a warm undertone try pale pinks and peaches as well as orange-based corals and camel-beige colours. Medium skin tones tend to tan easily and generally do not burn. If this sounds like your skin, consider trying rose, mauve, and berry shades. In particular, brown-mauve makes a lovely choice and beige with soft pink is an excellent nude shade for this skin tone.

For those with medium skin and a cool undertone, pinks and cranberry shades can make a complementary choice. For an evening look, you can also try wine coloured lipsticks. If your undertone is warm, on the other hand, give orange-based reds, tangerines, and even copper and bronze shades a try.

You may be surprised by just how lovely one of these shades looks on you. If you fall into this category chances are that you rarely burn and maintain a tanned appearance all year round. For ladies with tan skin, avoiding brown and overly purple lipsticks is a good idea as the colours may clash with this complexion.

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If you have tan skin, you should try other colours, such as coral, deep pink hues, and orange-based shades, instead. In particular, shades like orange-based reds and tangerines look great on warm complexions while cool undertones better suit cherry red and shades of wine. As for ladies with olive skin, who tend to have neutral undertones, nearly any shade of nude, red, orange, and pink will look good.

Those with dark skin tones have a deep complexion and never get sunburnt. They also tend to have black or dark brown hair. If you fit into this category, consider brown and purple shades like walnut, caramel, and wine as your go-to hues. If you also have a cool undertone, consider colours like ruby and metallic reds as well as deep wine hues like merlot.

Best Nude Lipsticks for Olive Skin: The Top 10

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Celebrity Style. The undertone falls into one of three categories:. There is another undertone category, not always recognized, called an olive undertone. Olive undertones are sometimes considered neutral, but other times are included in the warm undertone category and described as yellow-green.

However, learning more about your skin tone and undertones will provide you the right direction for finding your best lip colors! Oftentimes when people think of olive skin tones, a few popular celebrities will come to mind that have come to be associated with that complexion, such as Eva Mendes, Jessica Alba or J-Lo. All of these women are classic examples of a tan or light brown skin tone with a greenish undertone. On the other side of the spectrum, Zoe Saldana, Gabrielle Union, and Lauryn Hill are darker skinned ladies with lovely olive undertones.

Olivia Munn.

Milani Color Statement Lipstick

Identifying your undertone is an absolute must before picking out lip color - or any makeup. The mixture of green and yellow undertones in olive skin can look sallow if the wrong makeup shades are applied. To avoid this, look for lipstick colors that downplay the green tones and amp up the warm tones in your skin.

Berry Shades - On the deeper end of the spectrum, plumbs and berry shades are a dream on olive skin. For something vampy, look for darker tones with notes of chocolate in them. Ladies who prefer something less brooding and more vibrant should keep an eye out for raspberry and claret - both real winners on an olive complexion. Brown Shades - When it comes to brown hues, olive-skinned ladies have their pick. Brown shades with hints of caramel can warm up an olive complexion, especially a lighter or warmer one.

Cooler hues, like a taupe, are striking on darker olive skin. Similar to the berry shades, an olive-skinned gal can go towards the deeper, chocolate end of the spectrum - the yellow in your complexion can stand up to a rich, coffee hue. Nude Shades - This is the category of lipstick colors that can get trickier for ladies with subtle hints of green in their complexion.

In the wrong shade, a nude lipstick can look too light, too pink, or cakey, as if you coated your lips with concealer. Instead, look for a nude lip color that leans more towards the brown end of the spectrum. Mented makes nude lipsticks for brown skin and olive skin with the perfect ratio of browns and pinks.

Red Shades - Rock a red lip shade leaning towards orange or yellow, rather than blue. Bright Shades - Again, warmer is the way to go with a bright, bold lip color.

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Just about any orange shade - from eye-popping electric to a subtle deep apricot - will turn heads.