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Mac Scorpio is a fictional character from General Hospital, an American soap opera on the ABC In late , it was reported that York could possibly depart from the series as he was in contract negotiations. However, York renewed his.
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At Crimson, Nina asks Jax what is going on between him and Hayden, but then decides it is none of her business. Up in the Metro Court, Chase interrupts Finn and Hayden and explains he has to bring her in for questioning on the attempted murder of Dr.

‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Mac and Felicia Left Furious and Stunned After Ryan-Kevin Secret

As they exit, Laura and Lulu enter and grab a table. Back down in Crimson, Valentin visits Nina and reveals he has some concerns about Jax, who has files on him on Cassandra Pierce. When he mentions an associate of his learned of the files, Nina realizes Valentin has Curtis working as a spy. After checking with Dante, the agent reveals Dante refuses to see them.

Jason informs Mac that Shiloh is at General Hospital. After they leave, Chase arrives with Hayden, who demands to call her lawyer.

Finn asks Chase to go easy on Hayden. Chase wonders who Hayden is to him. Later, Jax arrives as Chase interrogates Hayden about her relationship with Finn. Down in the holding cells, Willow tells Michael that Harmony turned on Shiloh and the police are on their way to arrest him. More: Brandon Barash interview on being a single dad. At General Hospital, Jordan and Curtis have just finished seeing her doctor and her recovery is going well.

They walk around the corner and find Lucas attacking Shiloh. Curtis breaks the fight up, and Shiloh demands Jordan arrest Lucas. She says she is in no position to arrest anyone. Mac arrives, followed by Jason and Sam, and he arrests Shiloh. Sam and Jason gloat that both Carol and Loraine, aka Harmony, have turned on him. Sam hands the envelope to Lucas. Hayden leaves with Jax, and Mac tells Chase they just brought Shiloh in. Chase leaves to call Diane about getting Willow released. Down in the holding cells, Willow is distraught and worries Shiloh could still somehow go free and get Wiley.

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Michael doubts it, and he offers to go to General Hospital and find out what is going on. Later, Chase releases Willow, and Mac throws Shiloh into her cell. He assures Willow that he will get out and be a father to their son. Mac arrived in Port Charles with a bang when the ship he was on caught fire after an explosion and he was pulled out of the water by his estranged older brother, Robert Scorpio.

When an earthquake hit Port Charles, Mac escaped from jail and tried to flee town. Robert was later led into a trap where he found his brother in upstate New York, and they realized someone was setting them up. While on the run working to clear his name, Mac fell in love with a deaf woman named Dominique Taub and tried to helped her fake her death to escape her abusive husband. After Robert and Anna were presumed dead in a boat explosion, Mac became legal guardian to their daughter, Robin Scorpio.

General Hospital Spoilers: Mac Scorpio and Felicia Scorpio Devastated

He hired her to work at his restaurant, The Outback, and they began falling for each other. When she remembered witnessing Ryan Chamberlain killing a woman in Texas, Mac protected her from the serial killer and faked her death to throw him off. Although Ryan was subdued, the wedding never happened, and when Frisco Jones returned to Port Charles to visit an ailing Maxie, Mac could see Felicia was still in love with her ex and backed off. But they remained good friends, and Mac treated both of her daughters, Maxie and Georgie , as his own children. Although Mac had been dating Katherine Bell, she was jealous that he had started spending more time with Felicia and turned down his marriage proposal.

Mac became police commissioner and got kidnapped by a woman named Tess, whose missing husband Mac resembled.

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Felicia had accepted a marriage proposal from the fake Mac, James Meadows, and after Tess and James were apprehended, everyone still expected Mac and Felicia to tie the knot. They were going to call it off, but then Lucy and Kevin backed out of their double wedding, so Felicia told everyone the whole story then became Mrs.

Mac Scorpio! Mac and Felicia weren't planning on getting hitched but changed their minds!

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Photo Credit: Soap Opera Update. Their marriage was fine for a while, but Mac grew jealous when Felicia began working closely with Luke Spencer. When Cesar Faison returned looking for revenge, he kidnapped Felicia and Luke also got caught trying to rescue her. After Mac rescued them, Faison sent him a video of the captives nearly making love.